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Troop 15 Overview

What is Scouting all about? At Troop 15 in Stamford, Connecticut, It’s a great, wild bunch of guys who share challenging times in the outdoors, exciting hobbies, and opportunities to lend a hand to others.

We spend plenty of time outdoors…

Every year, guys in Scouts at Troop 15 spend more time in the woods than many adults have spent in their lifetime. We go camping & traveling to all kinds of cool places, in all kinds of weather, to do all kinds of things. We have been:

  • White Water Rafting in Pennsylvania
  • Howe Caverns / Cooperstown in New York
  • Bicycling in Cape Cod
  • Dog Sledding and Indoor Skydiving in Maine
  • Camping & Touring in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
  • Zip Lining in Brownstone
  • Summer Camp at Camp Sequassen
  • Swimming, canoeing and Fishing
  • Rain and Shine, we’ve slept in tents, leantos, cabins & under the open sky

and lots more…

Like trying new things? Love adventure? Are you a team player who can contribute something to our group? Then You’re really going to enjoy scouting with us!

And building survival skills…

Troop 15 and Boy Scouting don’t do “field trips.” The adults aren’t in charge: they don’t make the plans, and they don’t do everything for us. Scouting teaches you how to be a strong outdoorsman. We camp in rain, sleet, cold, snow – and we love it! Our guys learn things like:

  • Archery, rifle, and shotgun shooting
  • Cooking, camping, and wilderness survival
  • First Aid & CPR
  • Ecology, biology, and geology
  • Hunting Safety
  • Expedition planning and wilderness leadership


Do you like to be able to do things for yourself? To know you can be relied upon in a challenging situation? Scouting builds your skills, and also your confidence.

And engaging in new hobbies…

Troop 15 isn’t just about camping in the outdoor wilderness. Its about getting introduced to all kinds of interesting hobbies and professions. Things like…

  • Computers… and things like this Troop 8 web site
  • Community Service
  • Parades
  • Stamp & Coin Collecting

And because it’s scouting, you can learn how to do these things yourself. Learn for your own enjoyment, try out your future profession, or just to try something new.

And doing Service to our community…

There’s a great feeling you get in helping someone, or reclaiming a park for others to enjoy. And can we add that service opportunities in scouting look great on a college resume? Things like…

  • Trail repair and construction
  • Cleaning up the environment
  • Collecting food and supplies for the homeless
  • Sending much needed supplies to our military troops overseas
  • Citizenship & government projects
  • Helping the Humane Society
  • Renovating churches and public spaces
  • Helping with programs for the handicapped
Do you care about making your own community an even better place to live? Don’t mind rolling up your sleeves and getting dirty for a good cause? Then you should join the Boy Scouts.

And an added bonus…

The best part of the whole deal? If you stay in scouting and make it to “Eagle”, not only do you know that you have the skills and leadership to handle almost anything, other people know it too! Many of our scouts become leaders in Troop 15 and in other troops and youth programs across the country and many raise their own sons in scouting.

The world looks for men who are trustworthy, loyal, helpful, brave; guys who are physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight. Scouts. Guys like you.

Troop 15: We’re an outing club…. a wilderness school…. a hobby group…. a community service group.. and best of all, a bunch of great friends.

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