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Scout FAQ


Q: How do I choose a Boy Scout Troop?

A: Take time to visit multiple troops and write down pros and cons to each.  Consider proximity and types of activities that the troop participates in.  Watch the interaction between the scouts and the adult leadership; is that the type of mentorship you want for your son?  Most importantly, make sure your son fits in with the personality of the troop.

Q: How often does the troop camp?

A: The troop goes on at least 10 overnight activities a year, including a week long summer camp. Past activities include ski trips, overnight stays at the XYZ in Connecticut as well as lock-ins. Costs for campouts vary based on the activity. However, normal food and campsite costs are $15 – $20. Transportation costs may be additional based on location of the activity.

Q: Do scouts have to attend every campout?

A: The troop understands that there are multiple demands on your time but encourages as much participation as possible. Participation in at least 50% of the meetings and campouts is required for rank advancement.

Q: Can a mother camp with the Troop?

A: Yes. Moms like to camp also. Appropriate BSA guidelines for Youth Protection are followed.

Q: How much does it cost to join Troop 15?

A: As a new, first-time scout your dues will be $100.  Annual dues, collected every November, are around $100 per year. Council dues, Boy’s Life subscriptions, Order of the Arrow and other activities may require additional fees.

Q: What fundraisers does the troop do?

A: Troop 15 participates in the District Popcorn Sale during each fall. Additional fundraisers are scheduled as required based on the annual program plan.

Q: Are adult leaders trained?

A: All Troop 15 Adult leaders must comply with the BSA Adult Leader requirements. Many Adult Leaders participate in additional BSA/Outdoor training activities such as Wood Badge, NRA Certification and Leave No Trace to ensure the highest quality program possible.

Q: How often does the troop meet?

A: The Troop meets weekly on Wednesday nights with the exception of holiday weeks.

Q: Do you meet during the summer?

A: Yes. Meetings are more informal and include activities such as Frisbee Golf, Bicycling, Fishing, Hiking, and Bowling.

Q: How large is the troop?

A: The current troop size is 30 scouts. Normal attendance at weekly meetings is between 20 and 25 scouts. Campouts typically run between 15 and 20 scouts.

Q: Does the troop attend summer camp?

A: Yes. the troop has attended Camp Sequassen, in New Hartford, Connecticut 06057

Q: Do you have to be a member of Temple or Church to join Troop 15 ?

A: No. However, “A Scout is Reverent” and should practice their faith.

Q: Did I have to be a Cub Scout to be a Boy Scout?

A: No. While this is the most common path to Boy Scouts, any boy between the ages of 11 and 17 can join. There are many benefits to joining Boy Scouts, regardless of the boy’s age.

Q: What are the joining requirements?

A: The following link provides the BSA requirements:

Q: What are the physical requirements?

A: Scouting is an activity-based learning experience, however, accomodations are made based upon a scout’s specific physical and mental abilities.

Q: Can I play sports and still be in Boy Scouts?

A: Yes, many of the scouts in Troop 15 participate in other activities such as sports and band. However, a scout is expected to participate in as many of the troop activities as possible and must meet the 50% participation requirement for advancement. Advancement is self paced which gives the scout flexibility to participate. While achieving Eagle Scout should be the goal of every scout, not every scout achieves that rank.

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