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Good fit for Troop 15 ?

What kids are a good fit for Troop 15?

Troop 15 Scouting is a great program, but no one can offer “one size fits all” for kids.   We share your desire to find a program which matches your son’s interests and needs.   A scout troop should be a happy “home away from home” and a fun adventure.   Over the years, we’ve observed some trends in the boys who find us to be a happy home.


We find that we work well for:

  • Bright kids, quirky intellectuals, and quiet kids who are active but not significantly devoted to competitive sports and other teams.
  • Athletic boys who balance recreational sports with other interests.
  • Kids with diverse interests.
  • Kids who actively enjoy the outdoors.
  • Kids with a good sense of humor.
  • Kids who are team-players and able to work well with a variety of personalities and skill levels.
  • Boys who enjoy digging deeply into activities and working to excel.

We consider ourselves to be a happy home for kids who come and participate frequently.  There is often a great deal of  synergy between Troop 15 and school, sports, science projects, college essays, and the like, where the troop introduces boys to a subject they pursue in other venues, or we give them a practical outlet for the skills the have developed in a more abstract classroom.

We find that we don’t work as well for:

  • Tier 1 athletes for whom sports is a consuming interest, with year-long travel-team commitments.
  • Less active boys with primarily indoor interests who are not comfortable with outdoor athletic / adventure pursuits.
  • Boys who want to use scouting as an “occasional” activity when there is a hole in their schedule.
  • Families for whom external advancement recognition and getting quickly to Eagle is of consuming importance.
  • Parents looking for a highly organized, parent- or adult- run experience or are uncomfortable with youth taking responsibility and leadership roles.

Our adult leaders are happy to discuss your son’s interest, and to work with you on helping him find a happy scouting home, either with Troop 15 or with one of many other troops in the area.


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